Weekly trade highlights from the EDGE report

This week – Energy stocks dominate the EDGE reports.

Oasis Petroluem Inc. ($OAS)

With oil prices gyrating daily, energy stocks have become very volatile, completely changing trading conditions, and creating new profit opportunities.

Tuesday, the S-Score for $OAS started to ramp up shortly after the open.

It breached the +2 level at around 11:30ET, when price was at $13.60, and continued to rise, showing up with a +3.773 score in the Closing EDGE report.

That day, price closed at $14.22.

Wednesday the story continued, with $OAS registering in the top 10 on the Early EDGE with a S-score of +3.100.

That day price moved from $14.02 to close at $15.66.

Today, price has continued to move up and made an intraday high just after open of $16.80.

Sanchez Energy Corp. ($SN) 

$SN got off to a good start on Wednesday, scoring +2.725 in the Early EDGE. By the 08:55ET EDGE report, it had pushed higher to +3.185.

Meanwhile price opened Wednesday at $7.20 and rallied to close at $9.22.

Today, price popped even higher after the open, recording an intraday high of $9.88.

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